The educational streaming bringing worldwide films on Italian art, architecture and design

Audiovisiva provides students and professors of universities, academies and secondary schools with documentaries on themes and protagonists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Architecture & Design



Educational streaming

Institutions can activate an educational streaming service by purchasing annual or multi-year subscriptions, allowing the entire academic community free access to watching documentaries.

doc-u-men-ta-ry / noun [dɑk·jəˈmen·tə·ri]

A film that gives information about a subject and is based on facts.

Our hand-made catalog, one film after another, offers documentaries and non-docu-fictions exclusively.
We have selected those focusing on the encounter with architects, designers, artists, and photographers, protagonists of Italian culture. Their voice, gestures, and anecdotes convey small or large stories of inestimable value, knowledge, and inspiration. Thus, a stimulating dialogue arises, an emotional and intellectual learning, thanks to the universal language of the audiovisual.

Films subtitled and available worldwide

The service is available worldwide. All documentaries in our catalog are subtitled in English. Upon request, we can provide subtitling in other languages as well.

Easy access

The way to use the service is straightforward. An academic email is the only requirement for students and professors to access the reserved area of their university. 

For an independent culture

Most of the subscription income is destined for the right holders, production companies, or independent filmmakers. The goal is to create a virtuous circle whereby the same institutions educating the new generations can concretely support those who produce cultural content independently. Author and research documentaries are a necessary asset, which must be defended to guarantee a plurality of voices and points of view for a culture as independent as possible from commercial logic.

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